John "JJ" Jackson, LGPC, NCC-Clinician

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JJ is a National Certified Counselor certified by the National Board of Certified Counselors, licensed in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Armed with a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, JJ is passionate about facilitating positive change in the lives of those seeking support.

Currently pursuing Board Certifications in Sex Therapy and International Transgender Care from The Therapist Certification Association, JJ is committed to expanding expertise and staying at the forefront of specialized care.

JJ's therapeutic approach is deeply rooted in affirmative and person-centered practices. Drawing inspiration from humanistic and rational emotive therapy principles, JJ follows in the footsteps of influential figures such as Carl Rogers and Albert Ellis. In the humanistic tradition, JJ creates a non-judgmental and affirming space, allowing clients to take the lead in their journey towards self-discovery and growth.

Rational Emotive Therapy, a cornerstone of JJ's methodology, focuses on dismantling self-defeating beliefs. By guiding clients to examine their beliefs about situations, JJ helps foster a more positive sense of well-being. This collaborative approach empowers individuals to navigate challenges with resilience and develop a healthier perspective on life.

JJ's expertise extends to the intersection of sexual health and mental well-being, particularly for sexually and gender-diverse individuals. By integrating these crucial elements, JJ ensures a holistic approach that addresses the diverse and unique needs of each individual.

As JJ continues to expand his certifications and refine his skills, he remains dedicated to providing a therapeutic experience that is compassionate, empowering, and tailored to the individual's journey. In the hands of JJ, clients can expect a supportive environment where their identities are respected, and their paths to well-being are guided with expertise and care.