Clinical Supervision

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Clinical Supervision Expertise at BWG

At BWG, we take pride in offering individual and group clinical supervision to those navigating the path toward counseling licensure, specifically for LPC and LCPC requirements. With over a decade of experience in clinical supervision, we specialize in guiding graduate and post-graduate students through the supervision needed for their licensure eligibility.

Our Clinical Supervision Philosophy:

We view supervision as a dynamic clinical process provided to peers or junior members of the counseling profession. Recognizing that each individual is unique, our approach is flexible, adapting to your specific needs. Depending on your requirements, our role can take on the aspects of a consultant, clinician, and/or administrator. This supervision relationship is designed to be collegiate and/or evaluative, fostering professional growth and ensuring the quality of your professional services.

Tailored Supervision for Professional Development:

Our clinical supervision services are designed to enhance your professional functioning, providing guidance that extends over time. We understand the importance of meeting licensure eligibility requirements and strive to make the process as enriching and supportive as possible.

Two Types of Supervision:

  1. General Supervision: We are available to you through various communication devices, such as phone or video. This flexibility allows us to connect with you regardless of your location.

  2. Immediate Supervision: For a more hands-on approach, we offer in-person sessions where we can physically be present with you to discuss your clinical work. This immediate form of supervision is particularly beneficial for those who prefer face-to-face interactions.

Whether you are an aspiring counselor on the path to licensure or a professional seeking ongoing development, BWG is dedicated to providing the guidance and support you need. Our commitment is to create a supervision experience that not only meets the necessary requirements but also fosters your growth as a competent and compassionate professional in the field of counseling.