Our Vision

Meeting you where you are, and assisting you in getting to where you want to be.

We aim to assist our clients in healing the mind, body, and spirit connection by utilizing treatment plans that incorporate not only traditional psychotherapy but healthy eating, exercise, meditation, yoga, and wellness.

The mission of the Bridges Wellness Group, LLC. is to provide holistic support to our clients to meet their mental healthcare needs. Meeting our clients where they are, we offer two types of counseling, general and immediate. Our general counseling allows flexibility in the delivery of our therapeutic services. General counseling involves being available to the client via phone, video, or a traditional counseling session. Immediate counseling involves the counselor and client being physically present for the session.

In addition to our mental health counseling, BWG is a recognized contractor providing contract support to federal, state, and local governments and agencies in the areas of:

  • Mental Health
  • Professional Service

Contact please view our  Government Contracting and Consulting page under the "About Us" tab to learn more about our contracting capabilities.

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