Our Vision

"Meeting you where you are, and assisting you in getting to where you want to be."

Holistic Healing for Mind, Body, and Spirit

At Bridges Wellness Group (BWG), our mission is to facilitate holistic support for our clients, addressing their mental healthcare needs by integrating traditional psychotherapy with a focus on the mind, body, and spirit connection. We believe in healing that goes beyond conventional methods, incorporating elements such as healthy eating, exercise, meditation, yoga, and overall wellness.

Comprehensive Counseling Services:

Meeting our clients where they are on their journey, we provide two types of counseling:

  1. General Counseling: Flexibility is key. Our therapeutic services adapt to the client's preferences, whether through phone, video, or traditional in-person sessions.

  2. Immediate Counseling: Recognizing the importance of physical presence, this option involves the counselor and client meeting face-to-face for the session.

Evolution into Holistic Wellness:

While BWG was initially founded as a mental and behavioral healthcare practice, our leadership team's insight led us to recognize the importance of organizational wellness in our holistic approach. Consequently, BWG expanded its services to offer contract support to both government and private clients.

Our Contract Support Services Include Expertise in:

  1. Healthcare: Providing comprehensive solutions to meet the diverse healthcare needs of our clients.

  2. Human Performance Management: Optimizing individual and organizational performance strategies.

  3. Training and Development: Empowering personal and professional growth through tailored programs.

  4. Strategic Planning, Program Management, and Support Services: Delivering effective, forward-thinking strategies and efficient program management.

Government and Private Sector Recognition:

BWG is proud to be a recognized contractor, extending our expertise to federal, state, and local governments and agencies. We are committed to supporting our clients not only in their mental health but also in broader aspects of organizational well-being.

At BWG, we believe in a holistic approach to wellness that addresses the full spectrum of individual and organizational needs. Join us on a journey toward comprehensive well-being where mental, physical, and organizational health converge for lasting transformation.

Contact please view our  Government Contracting and Consulting page under the "About Us" tab to learn more about our contracting capabilities.

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